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California Dealers may download the following CA Dealer License Manuals below. This helpful page of links will help you maintain compliance with your dealership. Any person obtaining a license for the first time or any person renewing a dealers license in California may find the forms and handbooks for your dealership here.

California Used Dealer Sales Report

California Dealer License Application Forms

Download Dealer Application Form Packet

OL 12-Application for Original Occupational License, Part C
OL 21A-Original Application for Occupational License, Part A
OL 25-Surety Bond of Dealer OR
OL 25B-Surety Bond of Motorcycle Dealer, Motorcycle Lessor-Retailer, All-Terrain Vehicle Dealer, or Wholesale-Only Dealer (Less Than 25 Vehicles Per Year) OR
OL 25E-Deposit Agreement and Assignment (PDF)
STD 204-Payee Data Record
OL 53-Authorization to Release Financial Information
OL 124-Certificate of Proposed Franchise (new automobile, commercial, motorcycle, all-terrain vehicle, motorhome, and recreational trailer dealers only)
OL 29B-Application for Occupational License Personal History Questionnaire, Part B, Business Licensing Unit
ADM 9050-Appointment of Director as Agent for Service of Process
DMV 8016-Request for Live Scan Clearance (receipt)
ADM 1316-Fingerprint Card (out-of-state applicants only call 916-227-4557)

California Dealer Application Checklist
California Sales Tax Rates
California Dealer Handbook
California Dealer Sales Tax Guide
Dealer Application Checklist
California Dealers Information
California Dealer Fees and Penalties
Computing Dealers Use Tax
Dealers Odometer Reporting
California New Dealer Sales
CDTFA Dealer Sales Tax Manual-Publication 34
CA Dealers Resources
California Workplace Posters
Sample EEO Harassment Policy
Harassment Guide
Dealers Sales Report Guide
Dealers Sales Report Form Reg 51
California Dealers Wholesale Reporting
California Dealer Surety Bond Requirements
CA Dealer License Guide
Dealers Licensure Product List
Dealers FTC Buyers Guide Form
I-9 Employment Eligibilty Forms
CA Dealer License Renewal Application
California Dealer Surety Bond
Dealership Owner Changes
Dealer Occupational License Application Part C
Corporate Officer Changes
LLC Member Change
Dealers Salesperson Changes
Dealer Representative License
Dealer Vehicle Verifyers Permit
Dismantler Application
Dealer License Plate Application
Surety Bond for Dealers
Motorcycle Dealer Surety Bond
Occupational License Questionaire
California Dealer Renewal Application
Vehicle Dismantler Occupational License
CA Auto Broker Log
Dealer License Out of Business Form
Vehicle Verifier Instructions
Dismantler Application Checklist
Dealer Continuning Education Exemption
Sale of New Vehicle Report
Sale of Used Vehicle Report
Dealer Wholesale Vehicle Report

Link to all California Dealer License Forms

California DMV Sales Tax Instructions Video

California Dealer Forms for anyone with a Dealers License.

We are here to help you maintain your California Dealership Compliance!

California Dealer License

Delus Johnson-Lead Instructor
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