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We are here to help you apply for your California Used Motor Vehicle License. We will assist you in the process of not only applying for your dealer license correctly, but to also show you how to run your new business. Our Dealer Pre-License Course is approved by the California DMV. We will mail you your Official DMV Dealer Course Certificate of Completion at the end of the webinar. No test is required. You just need internet access. No webcam or microphone is needed.

In your California dealer pre-license training, we will cover the entire process of obtaining a California Used Motor Vehicle Dealer License. We cover the steps you must complete before you obtain your dealers license. Then we will go into compliance of State laws that come out of Sacramento and the Federal laws that come out of Washington DC. After you complete your California Dealer Pre-License Training, you will be prepared to apply for your dealer license and run your new business with confidence.

The Automobile Dealer Training Association is approved by the State of California to provide your mandatory California Pre-License Training and your Used Dealer Continuing Education Training.
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We are an educational trade association dedicated to the successful operation of your California Dealership. We are located in Los Angeles but give our copyrighted dealer continuing education course online so you may take it from the comfort of your home ANYWHERE in California. We want to ensure you operate your dealership under the guidelines required by the state of California while maintaining the highest ethical standards possible. Let us worry about compliance while you focus on the day to day operations of your dealership.

California Dealers Training California Dealers Training California Dealers Training

Our office is located at 1055 West 7th Street, 33rd Floor Los Angeles, CA 90017 , however we provide Continuing Dealer License Training for dealers all over California.

The ADTA has been developing dealership compliance and profit training programs since 2007. The 2020 California Used Dealer Education Course will assist you in operating within California & Federal laws and offer profitable guidance on the operation of your California dealership.

Your 6 hour Dealer Pre-License course is conducted with a live 6 hour webinar that you can view with your Lead Instructor-Delus Johnson. At the end of the webinar your Offcial DMV Dealer Certificate of Completion will be mailed to you.

Your online 4 hour Dealer Continuing Education Course can be downloaded at your convenience at watched on your computer. You may start and stop the course at any time. It is also given by the Autmobile Dealer Training Association's Lead Instructor Delus Johnson. Delus Johnson is a former dealer principal and has trained over 12,000 dealers. He will show you how to maintain 100 percent compliance with your dealership so you will never have to worry about license suspensions which can close your business and stop all profits.

The ADTA is approved by the State of California to provide your mandatoryDealer Pre-License Training and your Used Dealer Continuing Education Training. Once you have completed either course you will be mailed a Certificate of Completion that you must mail with your dealer license application.

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Thank you and good luck with the operation of your California dealership.

We are here to help you maintain your California Dealership Compliance!

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Delus Johnson-Lead Instructor
Automobile Dealer Training Association